Date: July 2017
Location: Genhe
Typologhy: Urbanism
Service: Urban design
Cathegory: Descriptive
Client: Voodoo Associates


The project is an urban renovation along the main street of Genhe. Its design covers from the renewing of several facades to the landscape creation. The goal of the project is to get a new attractive focus for citizens through highlights and attractions that make all public spaces more interesting. AAmaD was part of the team whose task was to develop the landscape conceptual idea and design, inspired by the wetlands and meadows and integrated with a modern norther design that reflects the approachability and warmth of Genhe.

The street is divided into three distinctive zones, and each one has a singular characteristic as its current situation. The zones are characterized as commercial and public; residential and urban; communities and neighbourhoods and riverfront resort. Among these principal zones, the urban design includes secondary squares, entrance gates, public artwork spaces, urban furniture, parking and casual gathering areas for the residents and visitors.