Date: November 2017
Location: Andoumont
Typologhy: Rehabilitation
Service: Architectural plans
Cathegory: Descriptive


This family house is located on a large plot in the Andoumont village belonging to Sprimont Region in Belgium. The site is previously occupied by a two-storey house with an outbuilding garage which is going to be transformed in a little apartment. The proposed development presented an opportunity to restore the landscape by removing all the conflicting features like the slope in the land and the necessity of a new covered parking.

The new apartment is accessible via a ramp discreetly modified that ends in the building. The entrance is in the east of the site and it provides access to the various areas of the house connecting the land through a little loggia. The house is designed to be accessible so the kitchen, dining-room, bathroom and bedroom are in ground floor and only the living room is the first floor. This condition allows to expand the upper floor generating a small reading room with a view of the nature.