Date: March 2017
Location: Tampere
Typologhy: Singular
Service: Desing, Drawing, Images
Cathegory: Descriptive
Client: Private client


The museum extension is situated freely on a central and visible location in the city structure. Prominent from the prevalent block structure it redeems its position as a public building by generating a strong presence in the cityscape. The main entrance of the museum complex is located close to the Pirkankattu public transport hub on a new public square connecting the two museum buildings to the surrounding city network.

The Pyynikintori square retains its historical shape and its divided into two functional parts connected by a new service pavilion that also integrates to the underground parking. The parking entrance and exit are collected to Sotkankatu street in order to present a minimum affection to the cityscape.

The most important functions of the extension are located in one floor to enhance accessibility and enable a fluent circulation. The main exhibition spaces are formed by a series of three different halls, that can be interconnected flexibly and function as a whole. The exhibition spaces, are also opened in various directions to generate various daylights settings. The south direction of the openings is protected from an excess of heat by exterior wooden shades.