Date: May 2017
Location: Ylivieska
Typologhy: Singular
Service: Archictural images
Cathegory: Descriptive
Client: Private client


Ylivieska Church is a project placed in the Nothern Ostrobothnian city of Ylivieska (Finland). The client designed the project for an architectural competition whose goal was to rebuild the Finnish church burned in March 2016. The project is formed by a main compact building and an impressive wooden obelisk laid out in the plot next to the remained ruins located in the original site.

The 3D renders and plans developed by AAmaD were focused on emphasizing how the church and the obelisk are designed as a marked point between the outer world and a quieter space for contemplation and prayer. Aligned with the main entrance path, the church and the obelisk are gathered around a land where visitors approach from the narrow streets.

The design aims to create large indoor spaces in which the light is the most relevant feature. The openings are accomplished thanks to the wooden structure whose beams are inclined to achieve the best orientation. The sloped surfaces mixed with the big columns generate a complex construction and harmonious interior ambience that matches perfectly with the incoming light and the environment.